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Effective data management can increase the pace of the research process, contribute to the soundness of research results, and meet funding agency requirements by making research data easy to share.


Supporting data management at every point in your research


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Assistance with writing data sharing or management plans


Best practices for data management and sharing


Archive your research data for sharing & preservation

Training Schedule

Preparing Your Research Data for Re-use Workshop @ Brody Learning Commons 4040
Apr 5 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

How can you organize, document and package up your research data so that you or another researcher can make easy use of your data in the future?  Perhaps you are finishing a research project and want to make the associated data usable going forward.  Or perhaps after using data from someone else’s project, you vow not to let others be as frustrated when using your data!

In either case this workshop is for you.  This workshop gives researchers practical steps for preparing research data for re-use by themselves and others.  Data Management Services will take researchers through several data preparation steps (e.g., data selection, organization, documentation, preservation), and introduce a spreadsheet tool that facilitates and documents those steps. Attendees can apply these steps for their own research project! <Research Project Documentation Workbook><Register here>

News and Highlights

Newly Released NASA Data Management and Sharing Resources

In August 2016 that NASA released a public web portal for NASA funded research results. The portal will be fully functional beginning Fall 2016. In addition the accompanying website includes content that spells out the newest Data Management Planning (DMP)... read more