Please join us on a JHU Data Services event on October 5th to help the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Date: Thursday, October 5, 3-5:30 PM (Pizza will be provided)

Time: Great Hall at Levering (Homewood Campus)

Join us for a map-a-thon to offer support to on the ground relief efforts in Puerto Rico. In response to humanitarian crises caused by the recent hurricanes, people around the world are contributing to the OpenStreetMap(OSM) to aid in disaster relief. Puerto Rico is particularly in need of mapping. Members from the Library’s Data Services group will teach you how to use the tools provided by OSM to contribute to this effort and we will all map together.

No previous mapping experience or knowledge of the area is required. Come any time within the session that you are available. Bring a laptop, if you have one.

Please register here.

Guide to Getting Started

New to OpenStreetMap? Sign up for an account at

Once signed ingo to the drop down menu next to Edit and select “Edit with iD (in-browser editor). TIP: Zoom in on the map to make Editing possible.

(click the image to zoom in)


Select start the walkthrough.     

(click the image to zoom in)

Refer to for video tutorials to help you get started mapping 

To start contributing to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT) response to recent hurricanes and other natural disasters, go to the wiki page

Scroll down to the table of tasks. You will be able to see the job status for the different tasks.

Click on the Job number; the description will indicate if it is appropriate for beginners 

(click the image to zoom in)


Click the instructions and get started!  

(click the image to zoom in)