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Many funding agencies have research data management/sharing policies requiring researchers to write data management plans with their proposal and share research data at the end of projects. Many publishers of academic journals also have policies requiring researchers to publicly share data along with their articles. Here at JHU Data Management Services (DMS) we offer two major consulting services that help researchers manage and share data throughout the whole research lifecycle, from proposal planning, to data management during the project, to sharing data in the end.


Prepare a Data Management Plan (DMP)

Data management plans should address how data are to be managed during the project and disseminated at the end of the project. Understanding what types of information to include in your plan and the various data management options available to you can be time-consuming and challenging.

A JHU Data Management Services Consultant can save you time by helping you identify and review all relevant data management and sharing options both during and after your research project. We provide FREE assistance in developing data management/sharing plans for ALL funding agencies, including private. A high-quality, tailored plan specific to your research and funding agency requirements may improve the competitiveness of your proposal. Please see our National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health pages for more information on their specific requirements.

Contact a DMS Consultant at or by filling out this contact form to receive expert guidance on developing data management plans. Ideally the request should be sent two weeks ahead of your submission deadline; however, we will help you in a shorter time frame as well. A DMS Consultant will meet with you to discuss the proposal in development and work through our questionnaire with you. The questionnaire is a tool we developed to help you gather and organize the relevant information needed for your plan. After the meeting, we are available to review your draft plan within one business day.


Data Archiving Services

Would you like to share and preserve your data through a data repository? JHU Data Management Services also operates the JHU Data Archive and provides additional consulting to help you prepare your project data for longer-term access by you and your research community. Please visit our Archiving page if you want to learn more details about data sharing and archiving. Contact us to consider whether the JHU Data Archive or another preservation and sharing option are appropriate to include in your data management plan.