Best Practices for Data Management  Best Practices for Research Data Management and Sharing

Effective data management can increase the pace of the research process, contribute to the soundness of research results, and meet funding agency requirements by making research data easy to share. Join us for an overview of best practices including backup procedures, tips on effective file names, data security and access controls, and data documentation/metadata. This seminar is for faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from all disciplines. This course does not focus on creating or using any particular data collection or analysis tool (e.g. REDCap, SPSS), but discusses data management at a general level.  Effectively Managing and Sharing Research Data in Spreadsheets

Regardless of discipline studied or methods used, it is likely that researchers use some sort of spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) to investigate, manipulate, or share research data. Though easy to exchange with other researchers, difficulties can arise when using other researchers’ spreadsheet data when sharing and preservation are not adequately considered.

external-link-xxl  MANTRA Research Data Management Online Course

A free, online research data management course provided by the Data Library at the University of Edinburgh. Topics include: Research data explained; File formats & transformation; Data protection, rights & access; Data management plans; Documentation, metadata, citation; Sharing, preservation & licensing; Organizing data; Storage & security and Data handling tutorials. A DIY training kit is also available for instructors who want to develop a data management course.

external-link-xxl  ESIP Data Management Short Course for Scientists

A data management short course developed by the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), in cooperation with NOAA and the Data Conservancy. The following topics are included in this course: Data stewardship, Data management plans, Local data management and Responsible data use.

external-link-xxl  COURSERA Research Data Management and Sharing Online Course

A 5-week online data management course on COURSERA, offered by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Edinburgh. It is a free course, but a fee is attached if you require a certificate of completion. This course will cover the following topics: Understanding research data, Data management planning, Working with data, Sharing data and Archiving data.

external-link-xxl  COURSERA Data Management for Clinical Research Online Course

A -6-week online data management course for people who conduct clinical research on COURSERA, offered by Vanderbilt University. It is a free course, but a fee is attached if you require a certificate of completion. The first part of the course covers best practices for clinical data management, followed by a demonstration of using REDCap to design an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. In addition, data management practices in different fields, such as neurimaging data management, mHealth in developing countries, and data management for multi-center studies, are mentioned in the end.

external-link-xxl  Data Carpentry

Data Carpentry develops and offers workshops for researchers to teach them fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Workshops are domain-specific and current workshops cover the following disciplines: Ecology, Genomics, Geospatial data, Social Science and Biology. You can request a workshop for your institution, or attend an upcoming one at your institution. Also see Software Carpentry‘s workshops for teaching basic software skills to researchers.

external-link-xxl  New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (NECDMC)

An instructional tool for instructors to develop a research data management course for researchers. A detailed lesson plan and materials for seven data management modules are included in this curriculum. Sample class activities, research cases and data management plans are also available.