Software Development

external-link-xxl  Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry provides workshops to teach researcher computing skills they need for their research. Current courses include R, Python, MATLAB, Unix and SQL. You can request a workshop for your institution, or attend an upcoming one at your institution. Also see Data Carpentry‘s workshops for teaching basic data skills to researchers.

external-link-xxl  GitHub

GitHub is a place to develop, store and share your software projects. You can work collaboratively with your colleagues to develop software and share publicly with others. There are free and paid options for GitHub services. The free service includes one private repository and unlimited public repositories for users. GitHub has 10-minute guide and several online video guides about how to use GitHub.

external-link-xxl  GitLab

GitLab is another place to develop software projects collaboratively and share software publicly. It also offers free and paid service options. The free GitLab service provides unlimited private and public repositories for users.