Do you write code (scripts, visualizations, simulations, etc.) as part of your research? If so, you’ll be interested in JHU Data Management Services’ new online module for increasing the efficiency and impact of your work by adopting best practices for software reproducibility and reuse. This freely available module, released in July 2017, consists of six mini modules (22 minutes total) and covers:

  • Best practices for writing, documenting, and organizing code
  • Understanding the benefits of using version control
  • How and why to make code publishable and citable
  • Learning about intellectual property issues
  • How and why to preserve software over time

Increasing the reproducibility and reuse potential of software can pay high dividends. For example, there can be time savings resulting from not having to spend days trying to get your code (or someone else’s) to re-run an analysis requested by a reviewer. Increased impact can result from others reusing and extending the research due to having code that’s easy to understand and run.

As an additional free service for JHU researchers, we also offer consultative support for meeting funder and publisher requirements around software sharing. We also now offer software archiving in the JHU Data Archive, in addition to our existing data archiving services. Please contact us about any of these topics for customized support.