Training Sessions


Interested in managing and/or sharing your research data better?

Please join us for one of our upcoming sessions. We have three different ways of delivering our training sessions: in-person, online and by request.

In-person training: Our in-person training sessions are FREE to the JHU community and aimed at both faculty and graduate students from all disciplines. Check below for our current training session schedule.

Online training: We are also in the process of moving some of our training sessions online. Click the “Online Training” button below to see detailed instruction about how to access our online courses.

Training by request: We also deliver training by request to specific groups and departments. Please email or click here to request a session outside of our regularly scheduled dates. .

Future training topics: We are adding sessions on new topics in the future. Stay tuned! We are very open to your ideas for future topics. Please contact us if you want to suggest a new training topic!

Training Topics

Introduction to the Open Science Framework

Collaboration among researchers can be difficult in many ways. So too is the management of all the materials and documentation that go along with it. In this session we introduce a helpful platform designed to ease the difficulties of managing and sharing data and research products.

De-identifying Human Subjects Data for Sharing



de-id rotated



An overview of techniques for assessing disclosure risk and removing personal identifiers from research data both quantitative and qualitative, making them ready for sharing and following IRB and HIPAA guidance.

Effectively Managing and Sharing Research Data in Spreadsheets



Regardless of discipline studied or methods used, it is likely that researchers use some sort of spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) to investigate, manipulate, or share research data. Though easy to exchange with other researchers, difficulties can arise when using other researchers’ spreadsheet data when sharing and preservation are not adequately considered.

Planning for Software Reproducibility and Reuse

This session helps make your research more efficient and impactful by presenting best practices for creating understandable, reproducible, reusable, and citable software and scripts. Additional topics include intellectual property considerations and ensuring long-term accessibility of code.

Preparing Data Management Plans



DMS word cloud_2


Need to write a data management plan for your upcoming grant proposal? Learn the research data questions one should answer in creating an effective, competitive plan required by NSF and several other funders.


Request a Training Session





We also deliver training sessions to specific groups and departments by request. Please email to request a session.



Best Practices for Research Data Management and Sharing


Research lifecycle


An overview of tips and techniques for managing research data better, including backup procedures, effective file names, data security and access controls, and data documentation/metadata.

Preparing Your Research Data for Re-use Workshop


messy desk

This workshop gives researchers practical steps for preparing research data for re-use by themselves and others, such as for completed projects or sharing data associated with publications.  Attendees can apply these steps for their own research project using our Research Data Documentation Workbook.