Data Management and Sharing Online Training

How to Access Online Training?

JHU Data Management Services uses BlackBoard to manage our online training courses. You will need to log into BlackBoard system first in order to access course materials.

If you are affiliated with JHU and have a JHED login ID and password, please follow the instruction below to enroll and view these courses:

Step1: Login to Blackboard one time with your JHED ID and password.
Step2: Click this self-enroll link to add yourself to the training organization in Blackboard.

If you are an external user, please use the following steps to log in Blackboard as a guest:

Step1: Link to Blackboard log in page.
Step2: Click on the ‘Open Non JHED login’ link, and then enter these credentials in order to login:

Password: GuestUser44

Once you have logged in, select a training course that you want to take from the list below and you will be led to a Course Overview page.

Contact us if you have any trouble logging in/viewing our online courses.

Online Training Course

(We currently only have one course available, but plan to add more in the near future!)

**** Download the DMP Questionnaire first before you begin this course ****


  • Introduction to Data Management Planning (11 mins)
  • How to Use the DMP Questionnaire (8 mins)
  • Data Products (3 mins)
  • Documentation and Metadata (6 mins)
  • Storage and Backup (7 mins)


  • Security and Access Control (3 mins)
  • Long-term Preservation (4 mins)
  • Why (Not) Share Data? (6 mins)
  • Elements for Sharing (7 mins)
  • Resources for Writing a DMP (4 mins)

Creative Commons License  All online training materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.