Handouts for JHUDMS Training Sessions


Data Organization Best PracticesSome quick tips for effectively naming files and organizing folders of research data.
Research Backup Planning GuideStrategies for developing a plan for backups, security, and preservation for your research data
De-Identifying Human Subjects Data
(JHU version)
(non-JHU version)
Guidance for protecting and removing personal identifiers of research subjects for data sharing. (Version for non-JHU visitors)
Making Spreadsheet Data Sharable/Re-usableTen tips for making research data within spreadsheets shareable and re-usable.
Research Data Documentation WorkbookA spreadsheet tool to help organize and document a research project, its digital files, and derivative sets of files such as data associated with a publication or shared online.
Introduction to the Open Science FrameworkA brief introduction to the Open Science Framework, which is a collaboration and project management tool for sharing work throughout the research lifecycle.

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