Funder Data-related Mandates and Public Access Plans

Many funders in the U.S. and beyond have research data sharing policies and requirements. Additionally, in February 2013, The Office of Science and Technology Policy released a memorandum requiring Federal agencies involved in research to create plans for increasing public access to research data. These entities will continue to refine and add requirements for data sharing and management plans for proposals over time.

The table below lists many of the funder-related mandates and provides links and notes about requirements. Above this table we’ve listed the most recent news about data-related mandates. Check this section to get the latest news about requirements from specific funders.


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Each funding agencies’ name links to the organization’s home page and in the following column there is a link to related data policy information resources.

Contact JHU Data Management Services for expert guidance in complying with sharing and data management planning requirements.


New and Notable Developments
  • In Fall 2016 USGS projects are required to include a Data Management Plan as part of the Project Work Plan. For guidance the agency has created a new DMP Checklist to help researchers write their plan.
  • In late August 2016, NASA created a new website that provides a portal to both policies around open access and data management and links to the publication and data results of NASA-funded research. For more information, feel free to read our short summary of the new website.
  • In January of 2016 the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) proposed that clinical trial research data underlying a publication’s results must be de-identified and shared with the public no later than 6 months post-publication. Please see the full proposal in the New England Journal of Medicine for more details.
Funder Data-Related Requirements and Policies Comparison Table

FunderDMP Policy (last policy updated)RequirementsNotes
NSFDissemination and Sharing (2013)Data sharing
Data management plan
Since Jan 2011, a 2-page data management plan is required for all new proposals.
NIHData Sharing Policy (2012)Data sharing2-paragraph “data sharing statement” for proposals requesting > $500K and others. Check your solicitation. See our guidelines for preparing the statement.
NEHData management plan (2016) Data management plan for Digital Humanities grantsCertain other NEH solicitations may require data sharing and management plan components.
NASAData management plans (2016)Data management plan
Project data accessible though NASA repositories when possible. At minimum, data associated with publications should be accessible, or a broader range of project data.
Fall 2016, a new web portal has been added including a data portal and information on their PubSpace publication repository.
NOAAData Sharing Directive (2016)Data sharing
Data management plan
NOAA maintains the NCEI in which data can be archived.
US Dept. of EducationIES Policy Statement (2016) Data Sharing Plan required for IES “Effectiveness Goal” grants.Plans not currently required for other “research goal” grant categories beyond Effectiveness (formerly “scale-up”) grants.
CDCPolicy on releasing and sharing data (2005)Data sharing and release policyThe CDC Public Access Plan states that a data management plan requirement for all proposals is forthcoming.
USDAData Management Plan (2015)Data Management Plan (specifically for NIFA funding applicants)NIFA encourages data sharing, provides mechanism for obtaining others’ data through FOIA.
DODPublic Access Plan (2015)Looking forward the DOD plans to make data management plans a part of all contract and grant proposal packages. Details to come…The DMP should describe how the proposal will conform to forthcoming DoD policy on the dissemination and sharing of research results.
DOEStatement on Digital Data Management (2016)Data Management PlansTo help draft a data management plan DOE has developed a list of suggested elements. Here is a list of DOE-wide FAQs. There are no requirements to share proprietary data or data with security or privacy restrictions.
FDAPlans to Increase Access to Research (2015)Data Management Plan - requirement details forthcomingThe HHS has developed guiding principles for the four entities: FDA,CDC, ASPR, AHRQ.
NISTPlan for Public Access (2015)Data Management Plans (required as of Fall 2014)More information about NIST open data strategy implementation and processes
AHRQPlan for Public Access (2015)All grant applications or contract proposals will require a data management plan. AHRQ plans to host their own data repository for primary data.More information about Grants Policy and guidance for research data
ASPRPublic Access Plan (2015)Data Management Plans – requirements for grant applications and funding are outlined in the public access plan under data managementThe HHS has developed guiding principles for the four entities: FDA, CDC, ASPR, and AHRQ.
IMLSDigital Stewardship Form (2015)Digital Stewardship Supplemental Information form required for grants including digital objects
Data Sharing is required where applicable.
Information about the latest terms and conditions for grants is available on the website.
Nat. Inst. Of JusticeData Archiving Plans for NIJ (2014)Plan for data management and confidentiality protection to comply with the data archiving requirements.Most projects are to be archived with the with the NACJD repository. [See also]
USAIDUSAID Development Data Information (2015)Data Sharing with the Development Data Library (DDL) is mandatory unless it contains sensitive info. Project Management Plan requirements include plans for data management and quality assessment.For more information see the Grant and Contract Process page.
DOTPublic Access Plan (2015)Data Management Plan required and Public Access to data required when applicable.See page 11, item 7.4.2 of the attached Public Access Plan. USDOT Research Hub serves as the linking component between research data and publications.
USGSData Management Plans (2016)Data Management Plan required and Public Access to data required when applicable.USGS Data Management web resources provide a wealth of information for researchers at each step of the research data lifecycle. Also see the DMP Checklist for writing guidance.
AHAOpen Science Policy Statements (2016)Data Sharing Plan and repository depositPublic data sharing required for independent verification w/in 12 months or with rationale for opting out. See also AHA’s list of approved data repositories. If planning to share though the JHU Data Archive, contact JHU DMS for text to request approval of the repository and for assistance with the data sharing statement.
Moore FoundationData Sharing Philosophy (2008)Data sharing and data management plan requiredThe foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.
Gates FoundationOpen Access Policy (2016)The data underlying published research results will be accessible and open immediately upon publication.Policy is effective for all new agreements starting January 1, 2015.
Grant Proposal Guidelines (2016)Proposers who will generate data are required to submit a brief appendix explaining how they plan to manage and disseminate such materials.Guidelines for The Grant Application Process .
Wellcome TrustPolicy on data, software and materials management and sharing (2017)Applicants are expected to share research outputs with as few restrictions as possible. Need to include an outputs management plan. Guidance on writing the Outputs Management Plan
Other policy resources and guidance:
external-link-xxl  Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC): US Federal Data and Article Sharing Requirement Resource

This link provides a community resource for tracking and comparing current and future research data and article sharing policies from US federal agencies. The resource about data sharing policies was created in spring of 2016 as a joint project between SPARC and JHU Sheridan Libraries. SPARC is a global organization working to enable open sharing of research and educational materials by collaborating with stakeholders such as publishers, libraries, and policymakers. More about SPARC

external-link-xxl  Sherpa JULIET

Sherpa Juliet is an international resource for information about research funders’ open access policies. This includes information about open access publication, open access archiving, and data archiving related policies.