Regardless of discipline studied or methods used, it is likely that researchers use some sort of spreadsheet application (e.g. Excel) to investigate, manipulate, or share research data. Though easy to exchange with other researchers, difficulties can arise when using other researchers’ spreadsheet data if sharing and preservation are not adequately considered. To address these issues, we’ve created an online course called “Effectively Managing and Sharing Research Data in Spreadsheets”.

The course contains 8 modules, with 60 minutes of lectures and 60 minutes of demos. The demos are optional and are sprinkled within different modules.  This session covers spreadsheet practices that can:

  1. Increase the possibility research data contained in spreadsheets can be reused by others (and you) in the future, and
  2. Help to reduce the chance of error when using spreadsheets for data acquisition.

Access the training here : /training/online-training/spreadsheet-online-training/