Preparing Your Data Management Plan

(Contains 10 modules, 60 mins in total)

**** Download the DMP Questionnaire first before you begin this course ****

Grant proposals for a growing number of funders require data management plans, including the National Science Foundation. Developing a competitive data management plan requires understanding and effectively addressing the many aspects of research data management that funders and reviewers emphasize (e.g., plans for research data security, sharing, and documentation). Join Data Management Services online for a training session on preparing data management plans. During this one-hour online training, we will cover the research data questions one should answer in creating an effective, competitive plan. The following topics will be covered in our training modules.


  • Introduction to Data Management Planning (11 mins)
  • How to Use the DMP Questionnaire (8 mins)
  • Data Products (3 mins)
  • Documentation and Metadata (6 mins)
  • Storage and Backup (7 mins)


  • Security and Access Control (3 mins)
  • Long-term Preservation (4 mins)
  • Why (Not) Share Data? (6 mins)
  • Elements for Sharing (7 mins)
  • Resources for Writing a DMP (4 mins)

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