Planning for Software Reproducibility and Reuse

(Contains 6 sub-modules, 22 mins in total)

**** Public module (Don’t require BlackBoard login to access) ****

Many research projects depend on the development of scripts or other software to collect data, perform analyses or simulations, and visualize results.  Working in a way that makes it easier for your future self and others to understand and re-use your code means that more time can be dedicated to the research itself, rather than troubleshooting hard-to-understand code, resulting in more effective research. In addition, by following some simple best practices around code sharing, the visibility and impact of your research can be increased.  In this introductory session, you will:

  • learn about best practices for writing, documenting (Documentation), and organizing code (Organization & Automation),
  • understand the benefits of using version control (Version Control & Quality Assurance),
  • learn about how code can be linked to research results and why (Context & Credit),
  • understand why it is important to make your code publishable and citable and how to do so (Context & Credit),
  • learn about intellectual property issues (Licensing),
  • learn about how and why your software can be preserved over time (Archiving).

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