Handouts for JHUDMS Training Sessions


Data Organization Best PracticesSome quick tips for effectively naming files and organizing folders of research data. Download

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Research Backup Planning GuideStrategies for developing a plan for backups, security, and preservation for your research data. Download
Metadata for Effective Research Data ManagementWhat is metadata, and what does it have to with research data? Find here a description of metadata for research data management and ten questions/guidelines you can use in developing comprehensive metadata for your project. Link
De-Identifying Human Subjects DataGuidance for protecting and removing personal identifiers of research subjects for data sharing.
(Download JHU version) (Download non-JHU visitors version)
De-identification ApplicationsA list of de-identification software tools and applications that researchers can use in de-identifying their research data for more public sharing. Link
Making Spreadsheet Data Sharable/Re-usableTen tips for making research data within spreadsheets sharable and re-usable. Download
Research Data Documentation WorkbookA speadsheet tool to help organize and document a research project, its digital files, and derivative sets of files such as data associated with a publication or shared online. Download
Selecting a Data RepositoryTips and set of questions researchers can use in determining whether a particular research data repository will work for their circumstances. Link
Introduction to the Open Science FrameworkA brief introduction to the Open Science Framework, which is a collaboration and project management tool for sharing work throughout the research lifecycle.Download
DMP Questionnairea useful guide and foundation for developing your Data Management Plan as part of a grant proposal or at the start of a research project. We provide FREE assistance in developing data management and sharing plans in either case and for ALL funding agencies. Download
Reviewer Guide for DMPsa user-friendly page of tables and checklists that can be used to quickly evaluate data management plans. More information about the worksheet can be found here. Download
Guidelines for NIH Data Sharing PlanGuidelines to help prepare NIH Resource and Data Sharing Plans in compliance with the 2003 NIH Data Sharing Policy. This policy is anticipated to be updated soon. Link

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